Building the fastest and most sustainable supercomputer

Supercomputers are an important piece in the puzzle to drive the green transition. It will help us become more data-driven and it will help us optimize the energy system.

That's why we have decided to sponsor the Supercomputer Club at Aalborg University (AAU) at an event in the US.

The sponsorship enables the Supercomputer Club to go to San Diego and compete against top US universities to build the fastest and most sustainable Supercomputer - and the sustainable element is of utmost importance. High-performing Supercomputers demand a lot of power and create a substantial amount of heat. The focus of the competition is to use that energy as efficiently as possible.

The club is the first Supercomputer Club in Denmark. It is started by a group of students, and they meet once a week to build, test, and run both hardware and software. A supercomputer is a tool to handle a massive amount of data. It consists of two or more computers that combine their computing power to give the possibility of more complex calculations than is possible on a single machine. The supercomputer may be used for several applications including training AI models (e.g., ChatGPT), weather forecasting as well as simulation and modelling.

The Supercomputer Club will take-over the LinkedIn page of Norlys Energy Trading during the days of the trip and the competition.

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Morten Dalum

May 24, 2023